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    “In the three months I have been attending CrossFit Hoboken, I can’t say I have ever done the same workout twice.  Another sea change is that each workout (class) is only about an hour long. This is significantly shorter than the 2+ hour workouts I was previously doing, but substantially more productive and fun.  Even with a much shorter duration, mobility, instruction, and the workout are all accomplished effectively.”
    Paul Semian, New Member
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    • Savory Waffle Bison Burger November 1, 2014
      Dana asked me where I got the idea for this, and it is kind of a funny story.  When I was walking our labradoodle, Madison, I was thinking about what to make for dinner: Chicken and Waffles. The only issue is that I didn’t have time to slow cook the chicken so I thought well […]

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