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Michael Mraz, MPT, CMT, CKTP; Sports Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner, Director of Turning Point Sports Therapy, 15 years in Sports Therapy as a licensed Physical Therapist.

Mike’s mission is to help athletes of all levels reach their peak potential in their training, competitions and races. Pain-free, efficient movement is achieved through flexibility, strength, balance and coordination by addressing the imbalances, disorders, and compensations that erode performance. An active triathlete, runner and curler, Mike knows that soreness and pain can diminish the abilities you work so hard to improve.

Solving the root of the problem instead of treating the symptoms achieves longer lasting results in a shorter treatment time. Mike employs a blend of techniques and elements from Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy and Neuromuscular Re-Education.  Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, Deep Tissue work and Contract Release stretching may also be used to address what may keep you from the top of your game.

Treatment sessions are individually tailored using a holistic, integrated approach in conjunction with the client’s needs and goals.  Mike specializes in assessing and solving soft tissue dysfunction due to pain, weakness and loss of mobility. Specific disorders include ITB syndrome, Piriformis syndrome, scapular pain, foot, heel and Achilles tendon issues, tennis elbow, impingement syndrome in the shoulder and loss of neck mobility.


There are three aspects/categories of Sports Massage:

  • Event Sports Massage focuses mainly on the muscle groups relevant to a particular sport. Can be received before, during, or after the sporting event.
  • Regular Maintenance Sport Massage is used throughout training to enhance performance and achieve peak performance potential.
  • Orthopedic Sports Massage is used to increase recovery time and healing in compromised muscles, tendons, joints when inured when performing or from overuse.

The Benefits of Sports Therapy:

  • Bridges the gap between self-stretching or “rolling it out”
  • Relieve soreness in arms, legs, and major joints
  • Gain back lost joint mobility and limb flexibility
  • Improve your performance in workouts and training
  • Achieve a competitive advantage on the field, court, or gym
  • Quicker healing time for strains and sprains

Sports Therapy Session Descriptions:

Short Session – 30 minutes

Great for spot work or one area of focus. Ideal for tendonitis injuries or overuse injuries, pre-event or mid event sports treatment.

Full Session – 60 minutes

“The traditional” – a full body session. Bodywork and stretching. Post event, maintenance or prevention treatment during training.

Long Session – 75 minutes

When an hour just is not long enough. A full body session plus additional techniques on an area that needs more attention and specific work.

Extra Long Session – 90 minutes

The Deluxe version of a Long Session. Ideal if you have two or more areas of concern that need to blend several modalities. For example, combine a full body sport massage with flexibility work with an injury treatment or neurological re-education for an injured area or joint.

Rates for Sports Therapy sessions:

Short Session (30 min)                   $40

Full Session (60 min)                       $90

Long Session (75 min)                     $110

Extra Long session (90 min)            $130


Package deals:

“4 Pack” Four Short Sessions (30 min each)             $120              ($30/session)

“3 Pack” Three Full Sessions (60 min each)        $250             ($83/session)


Method of Payment:

Payment is due when services are rendered. Accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.

Hours by appointment daily and select weekends

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