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Should you take a Vitamin D Supplement

First of all, what is Vitamin D? It is any of a group of vitamins found in liver and fish oils, essential for the absorption of calcium and the prevention of rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. They include calciferol ( vitamin D2 )... (more...)

5 Reasons For and Against taking a Multivitamin

When I hit college and my nutrition consisted of Kraft Mac and Cheese mixed in with some Hot Pockets, I began to take a Vitamin packet that I picked up at Costco.  I had no idea what all the little pills were, but I was convinced that since my diet... (more...)

New Nutrition Information on CFH Site

At the box you are constantly hearing everyone talk about “Paleo”. Still are not sure what the whole “Paleo Diet” is about? Check out our NEW nutrition page on our web site. Here you will find a helpful nutrition packet to download along... (more...)

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