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Labor Day Hero WOD

In honor of fallen, Jersey City cop, Melvin Santiago, we will be participating in a HERO WOD created by CrossFit Jersey City.  The workout is named “Santiago” “Santiago” 2650m Row, then 6 Rounds: 7 x Deadlift (225/155) 13... (more...)

CFH Paleo Challenge

The CFH30 Paleo Challenge is a 30-day nutrition challenge where you and your fellow CrossFitters stay adherent to the paleo diet. You will complete an initial body scan, before photos, and start logging your food daily. At the end of each week, you... (more...)

California Strength

California Strength, one of the best and most well-known training grounds in the country, will be coming to Crossfit Hoboken the weekend of October 18th-19th. This two-day seminar is a must for anyone with a desire to improve their Snatch, Clean,... (more...)